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Cornerstone has been one of Calgary's top web development firms since 2004. We specialize in developing complex sites with advanced features, e-commerce capabilities, and custom built web applications. We've built a lot of websites. A LOT. In fact, over the last dozen years we've built over 300 websites, most were built on Content Management Systems and many of which included E-commerce functionality. That's a lot of websites, you'd think we were a software building machine! But we aren't. Deep down, we are people just like you...that's why it's fun to work with us.

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Before discussing why, a hire graphic designer is so important, we should get an idea about what they do and who they are. Graphic Designers are the ones who create visual concepts through various graphic design software so that they can captivate maximum consumers. These designs mainly consist of images, words, or graphics.

If you are considering designing your own website and you've never done it before, there are a lot of things that you need to consider when it comes to web design. There are far too many things that you can do to a website that will only frustrate your visitors and make them never want to return, and it's nothing that you intended to happen....

True creation of an app for iOS, android or for any of the rest platforms comes with the idea. This idea you might have is the true beginning. This is important in many ways. First the idea you have is unique, it won't require skill or experience in app. If you have idea for, or need for app that...

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